A little bit about me


I am a 3D visualisation specialist and Digital Artist living in West Lothian, Scotland. I am interested in all things digital art although my specialism lies in the 3D visualisation field and more specifically architecture, product design and the built environment.

I gained my Honours degree in architectural studies at Strathclyde University in Glasgow before moving on to the Glasgow School of Art, where I obtained a Masters in animation from the Digital Design Studio. I have worked both as an in-house visualiser for multi disciplinary architecture firms and for bespoke visual studios. I currently hold the position of Senior Visualisation Specialist at Cadpeople UK, a visualisation studio based in Edinburgh where i produce all kinds of digital visuals and animations along with a team of like minded and talented individuals.

I am skilled across the production pipeline, using various rendering engines, and pieces of software. I enjoy creating all kinds of visuals from technical construction sections and details to atmospheric photo realistic Interiors and exteriors. I have worked with International architecture practices and development firms to small bespoke studios and one man bands on projects ranging from multi million commercial and residential developments to small scale products and concept designs. Each project brings its own unique challenge and fun, and i truly enjoy using my skills to tell the stories and journeys of each one. I am sadly one of those afflicted people who also considers his job as a personal past time and passion. Spending as much time at home as can be spared creating personal works to challenge my own creativity and try out new techniques.

But that is not all I am interested in, there is much more, I only wish there was enough time to do it all. As well as all things 3D and digital art I am also a keen snowboarder although you wouldn’t think so considering my slope time of late. I have a motorbike, which I have been after forever, and spend my free time experiencing what the road has to offer and the places it can take me in world, or just outside my back door. I especially enjoy taking trips on the bike and seeing new places and meeting new people. I have also been known to pick up a guitar, read books (im a sucker for fantasy novels, and sci-fi), watch movies and play the occasional video game. The days are just nae long enough :D